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CheMondis for Buyers

1. Find and compare product details, delivery options and offers provided by suppliers.

2. Request samples and individual quotes from multiple verified suppliers at once.

3. Place the order that fits your price, quantity, packaging and shipment needs best.

CheMondis for Suppliers

1. Display your products to a wide range of verified buyers on CheMondis.

2. Create your own brand shop that includes all advantages of an own online shop.

3. Sell your products and exchange all order related documents in a digital way.

What our customers are saying

STOCKMEIER has been scouting digital sales channels for the past years. The speed at which CheMondis developed is impressive.
OQEMA believes in the potential of digital technology for the Chemical industry. We are happy to work with CheMondis to explore the benefits of digital sales channels for OQEMA.
With Chemondis and their marketplace, it´s easy for PEQUINSA to reach new customers and expand our business in Europe
Digitalisation is running fast and faster and CheMondis is a big and effective help to boost the marketing of our products
We'd like to thank CheMondis as they welcomed us on board and allowed us to expand our global market through their community!
With CheMondis, expands international sales and builds a network of valuable relations. The platform gives us the opportunity to source products that are rare and hardly available. This all happens in the spirit of trust and is as simple as possible. We simply love CheMondis!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers from the CheMondis Team

What is a marketplace and what is the difference to an online shop?

On a marketplace different suppliers can offer their product portfolio to different buyers. This increases the efficiency and transparency for both.

Suppliers can offer their products to a wide range of new buyers without the need of developing their own online shop.

Buyers can easily access product listings from various suppliers at once and do not have to register on multiple online shops.

Is CheMondis free of charge?

Yes, the registration and use of the CheMondis marketplace is free of charge for all buyers and suppliers. For buyers this includes creating their account, searching, finding and ordering products. Supplier can register, list and sell their products for free.

At some point in the future, however, we may start charging fees for some features and services on CheMondis. At this point you will be able to decide if you further want to use those services.

How does CheMondis ensure data security?

CheMondis is taking data security, trust, and confidentiality very seriously.

Our software code follows state-of-the-art IT security standards and we store all personal and company data on a secure cloud infrastructure located in the European Union, which is exclusively operated by CheMondis.

Information about your activity on the marketplace, such as negotiations and orders will be exclusively available to you and the party you are doing business with. CheMondis will not share this information with any other party.

Can I register as both: Buyer and Supplier?

Yes, your company can use CheMondis to buy and sell chemical products.

Please note that in order to comply with EU anti-trust regulation, two separate user accounts are required: one buyer account and one supplier account.

These accounts must be assigned to different people and different e-mail addresses within your organization.

Can only professional chemical companies register on CheMondis?

CheMondis is a digital marketplace for the chemical industry, starting off in the European market.

To assure a high quality of all market participants, we verify that each newly registered user or company has a legitimate interest in either supplying or buying chemical products.

We ensure that companies are not blacklisted, and we control information such as addresses and tax numbers.

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