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Enjoy the CheMondis journey of finding, purchasing and receiving chemical products! Real-time access to product data, data sheets and Supplier certificates make your life easier. Place orders with immediate availabilities and receive shipment within days.

Forget about phones and fax machines! Discover our CheMondis dashboard for Buyers with full control of all your orders.



Product and Supplier Catalogue

Visibility on comprehensive commercial information on products and Suppliers



Portfolio of certified Suppliers and products registered under European legislation


Instant Deals

Find products with guaranteed availability and list prices


Individual Deals

Directly negotiate individual terms and prices with Suppliers and get instant order confirmations


Document Management

Maintain overview of all transactions and related documentation


No Transaction Costs

During the beta and pilot phases, product listing and purchasing will be free of charge

CheMondis for Buyers

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to register?

To register, you need to register basic company data as well as at least one individual user. Later, more individual users can be added under the same company.

First, you register an individual account: name, email and a password (phone number is optional). Then, you register your company: name, address and VAT number. Please note that a company can only be registered once.

What happens after I registered?

After registration, CheMondis performs a basic background check on each new registered company to ensure that CheMondis remains a trusted environment. Therefore, we double-check basic company information with public registers and check for any known compliance issues in the past.

After this basic check is concluded (usually within 1-3 business days) CheMondis will inform you and you will be able to act as buyer on the marketplace.

What happens to my data?

We store your personal and company data on a secure cloud infrastrucure based in the European Union, exclusively operated by CheMondis. Company data required to complete transactions (e.g. delivery addresses) are only forwarded to the supplier after a purchase is confirmed. For further details, please refer to our Data Protection Policy.

Which product information does CheMondis provide?

Within the CheMondis you will have full visibility on important product data including material safety data sheets, technical product information, additional requirements and restrictions as well as supplier certification.

What is an Instant Deal?

Our Instant Deals offer you the opportunity to buy products with fixed list prices and guaranteed availabilities from our trusted suppliers. Available products can be purchased with immediate delivery - delivery costs (incoterm CIP) are calculated automatically by CheMondis based on the information provided by each supplier.

What is a Quote Request?

A Quote Request offers you the opportunity to directly communicate with a supplier of a given product about a tailor-made order. You can negotiate about quantity, price, incoterms, payment term and the delivery date of a certain product. After agreeing on the relevant details with the supplier, you can convert the request immediately into a confirmed order. All conversations (incl. documents) with the supplier take place in a chat window that remains available for later reference.

When do I get my order confirmation?

For Quote Requests, you receive an order confirmation after accepting the final offer of the supplier. Since all details are tailor-made, no further changes will occur to the order confirmation.

For Instant Deals, you receive an order confirmation as soon as you proceed to our checkout process. This order confirmation may be adjusted afterwards (e.g. regarding payment method or exact delivery date).

Can my order be cancelled?

No supplier can unilaterally cancel an order. Order changes must be discussed with our CheMondis Customer Service that will work on finding the best solution for both parties.

Can I order from several suppliers at once?

Yes, you can for Instant Deals. Just add the products of the different suppliers to your cart and proceed to the CheMondis checkout. During the checkout process you will see an overview of all products with price and quantities ordered by each supplier you order from.

Can I see my order history?

Yes. On your CheMondis dashboard you have an overview of all previous orders with the possibility to check the order details, upload additional documents and update order status (e.g. payment sent).

Can other CheMondis participants see my transaction details?

No. All data on CheMondis, e.g. when placing an Instant deal or negotiating a Quote Request, will be safely stored on our secure CheMondis servers with no access for third parties.

Is CheMondis my contract partner?

No, CheMondis does only act as a broker. Your contract partner will be the supplier of the product.

When do I get my shipment?

For Quote Requests:  You agree on a delivery date (or date range) with the supplier during the negotiation on CheMondis. Upon concluding the negotiation, this date is included on the order confirmation. In case of a delay in shipment, CheMondis' document management will enable the supplier to inform you about the changed delivery date.

For Instant Deals: All quantities made available for purchase have to be available in stock at the respective supplier. Hence, shipment usually occurs within a few days of ordering. The supplier will confirm the exact delivery date on CheMondis within a few days - we will notify you via email as soon as the date is available. If you are buying for the first time from a given supplier, this confirmation may take a few days as some suppliers need some time to create new customer master data in their internal systems.

Can I fix a delivery date with my supplier?

Quote Request: Yes, please indicate the requested delivery date in the respective field of the Quote Request. The supplier will then either confirm or will provide another suggestion that you can agree to or further discuss.

Instant Deal: Shipment usually occurs within a few days of ordering as all quantities have to be available in stock at the suppliers. However, you can leave a comment on your order requesting a later delivery.  Since this is non-binding for the supplier, please use the Quote Request for orders with delivery dates further in the future.

Which incoterms are available?

For Instant Deals the incoterm is always CIP.
For Quote Requests please use the messaging feature to agree on any incoterm with your supplier.

How do I exchange documents with my supplier?

Within the order details you are able to upload any document the supplier requests. Of course, you are also able to see the supplier´s uploads, e.g. the invoice.

How do I pay?

Payment happens directly between buyer and supplier based on the payment information provided on the invoice (usually bank transfer).

Which payment terms do I have?

The legally binding payment terms are indicated on the suppliers invoice. For payment in advance the invoice is provided before shipment.

Can I always pay after shipment?

You can always request to pay by invoice after shipment. This is usually possible, but in rare cases, a supplier may request payment in advance, especially for instant deals where you are buying for the first time from a given supplier.

How does CheMondis ensure supplier quality?

At CheMondis, we make sure that every supplier is a trusted player within the chemistry industry and follows minimum quality standards (e.g. ISO norms). Additionally, supplier data is validated and checked for known compliance issues, similar to the checks performed on buyers.

How does CheMondis ensure product quality?

To ensure high quality standards and regulatory compliance with EU norms, we require our suppliers to provide REACH compliant material safety data sheets for every product listed on CheMondis.
Further information such as technical data sheets, descriptions, catalogue information and supplier certificates is also provided as available.
Finally, suppliers can upload individual documents related to your order (e.g. the Certificate of Analysis) on the order dashboard.

How does CheMondis ensure data secruity?

We store your personal and company data on a secure cloud infrastrucure based in the European Union, exclusively operated by CheMondis. Furthermore, our code follows state-of-the art IT security standards. For details, please refer to our Data Protection Policy.

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