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Frequently Asked Questions

Advice and answers from the CheMondis Team

Is CheMondis free of charge?

Yes, currently the use of the CheMondis marketplace is entirely free of charge for all buyers and suppliers. For buyers this includes the whole process of account creation, product search and order.

At some point in the future, however, we may start charging for some features and services on CheMondis.
There is no risk for you, as we will transparently notify users beforehand about this change.

What kind of companies can register on CheMondis?

CheMondis is a digital marketplace for the chemical industry, starting off in the European market. However, we do welcome any international company that complies with European and International regulations.

To assure a high quality of all market participants, we verify that each newly registered user / company has a legitimate interest in either supplying or buying chemical products.

Can I register as both: Buyer and Supplier?

Yes, your company can use CheMondis to both buy and sell chemical products. However, please note that in order to comply with the EU anti-trust regulation, two separate accounts are required: one buyer account and one seller account. The accounts must be assigned to different people and e-mail addresses within your organization.

It is not possible to register the same user as both buyer and supplier.

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