Connect your ERP system to
CheMondis via Elemica

Receive recurring marketplace orders from new and existing customers directly into your ERP system to make order processing faster, easier and more economical than ever.

Become more efficient and accurate in your day-to-day operations

Connect your ERP system to CheMondis now! All common systems are supported.
Reduce order entry efforts
Use CheMondis to forward new orders directly into your ERP. Forget about exporting, printing or emailing orders at scale. Instead of keeping your team busy with manual entries, automate transactions and let them focus on truly helping your customers.
Automate your existing business via our ERP integration
Use CheMondis as your fully-automated online shop. Your existing buyers use the CheMondis interface to submit their orders directly to your ERP.
Streamlined order communication
Deliver documents such as order confirmations, Advanced Shipping Notes (ASNs), invoices and Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) from your ERP system directly to your customers.

Establish a connection for flawless speed and less manual effort

The integration enables you to do the following actions directly from your ERP system. No more double work,
e-mail chaos, etc. All common ERP systems are supported.
Order Creation
Orders placed on CheMondis are sent to your ERP system and an order is created automatically.
Order Response
Any status update in your ERP system (pending, confirmed, shipped) will automatically be forwarded to CheMondis and shown to your customer.
Advanced Shipping Notice
Customers will directly be informed about batch details (production and expiry date) and estimated time of arrival (ETA) as soon as the material is picked
Certificate of Analysis
The CoA for each shipped batch is provided in PDF form and can be downloaded by the customer in the order details on CheMondis.
Create the invoice in your ERP system and it will be automatically provided in PDF form to your customer and can be downloaded from CheMondis.

Use our starter package and benefit from reduced rates now

Valid until December 31, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers from the CheMondis Team

Who can benefit from this offer?

The ERP integration is a great opportunity for all suppliers on CheMondis, as all common ERP systems can be connected. The pricing offer, however, is only valid for suppliers with less than 2.000 employees, which do not yet have an Elemica connection.

If your company does not apply to these criteria, please get in touch with us to discuss your individual opportunities.

What is the core advantage of this ERP connection?

The connection of your ERP with CheMondis will automate recurring purchases of buyers. Initial order information, as well as order response, shipping, and invoicing information will be automatically exchanged between your ERP and CheMondis.

This means no more manual typing of orders into your ERP and no more manual status updates to your buyers. The ERP connection will allow you to save a lot of time and effort on each individual order.

Can we use this for existing customers as well to save even more time?

Yes, of course, you can use this connection to automate business with your existing customers as well.

To use this service, your customers do not need an Elemica integration but can use the web interface of CheMondis.

Let your customers order via CheMondis and processes like order receival, order response, CoA or invoices will be automated.

It sounds interesting. How does the setup process look like?

As a first step, we will get together to discuss your requirements and questions. Based on this we can make an assessment of the time and effort the integration will take.

We will develop and test the connection together to make sure everything works properly when you get started.

Get in touch now and send us an email to

How much technical effort needs to be done from the supplier side?

The connection can usually be accomplished within 2-4 weeks. In order to assign the information to the right fields in your ERP system though there is some technical effort also needed from your side.

The precise requirements vary; we will discuss this during the first meetings.

My company already uses Elemica. Can we connect to CheMondis?

Yes. In this case please get in touch with us so that we can discuss potential technical solutions and make you an offer.

Note that the pricing offer communicated by CheMondis is only applicable for Non-Elemica users.

Reach our team

Whether you have a question about the benefits of using CheMondis, our features, a product demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.