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Verified Chemical Companies

All Buyers and Suppliers are 100% verified chemical companies or have a legitimate interest in buying chemicals! After registration, all Buyers and Suppliers must pass our validation process. CheMondis checks general company data including VAT-numbers, company addresses and other relevant information. Each registration is singlehandedly evaluated, to secure trust on the marketplace.

Personal Customer Service

We are there for you! Enjoy our services varying from personal onboardings to individual, on-demand product searches.

Unlimited Product Listings

List and sell an unlimited number of products on the CheMondis marketplace! Benefit from high online visibility of your products to a globalcustomer base.

Order Tracking

Enjoy and provide full transparency by updating your order and payment status. As a Buyer, get notified when your product is shipped or notify yoursupplier about your payment. Further, suppliers can state the approximated time of arrival and communicate, in advance, if a shipment will be delayed.

Credit Rating

The CheMondis credit-rating provides a basis for efficient decision making.Request a credit report at the push of a button. Gaining more informationabout a potential buyer , suppliers can now decide easily which paymentoption to offer. Either grant buyers invoicing or demand a payment inadvance. Take the decision you consider as most secure for your business –before striking a deal.

Debt Collection Service

Debt collection is an unpleasant topic – but it can happen. In case youexperience an overdue payment, you can now request debt collection directly via the marketplace, administered by our trusted partner Atradius.

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