CheMondis Helpcenter

Video Tutorials

01 - Update Your Company Details

Learn how to get started as a supplier. Enter relevant company information as well as shipping address in order to get ready to sell on CheMondis.

02 - Upload your First Product

Follow the guidelines to upload your first product. Learn how to determine trade zones and link them to logistic costs. Add products and product-related information. Make sure to describe your products as detailed as possible and (if feasible) upload an image to guarantee customer satisfaction.

03 - The Two Ways of Selling on CheMondis

Understand the difference between instant deals and individual quotes. Either sell products at fixed prices and guaranteed availabilities or negotiate quantity, incoterm and more individually with your customer.

04 - Dashboards on CheMondis

Learn how to use our different dashboards, keep the overview of offers and orders, as well as payment and shipment statuses.

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