• Manufacturer: LANXESS
  • Substance: Direct Blue 199
  • CAS: 12222-04-7
  • EC Number: 602-190-6
  • REACH: Not available
  • IUPAC Name: Di(tetramethylammonium)(29H,31H-phthalocyanin-N29,N30,N31,N32)disulfonamide disulfonate, cuprate(2-)complex, derivates
  • GHS: Not available
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Molecular Formula: -
  • Color: Blue
  • Molar Weight [g/mol]: -
  • Concentration / Purity: 12.0%
  • Synonyms: C.I. 74190; Daiwa Blue 319H; Daiwa IJ Blue 319HL; Direct Blue 199; Direct Lightfast Turquoise Blue FBL; Direct Turquoise Blue FBL; Duasyn Direct Turquoise Blue FRL-SF; Duasynjet Cyan FRL-SF; Fastusol Blue 75L; Intrajet Liquid Blue JE; Irgasperse Jet
  • Industries: Paints & Coatings
  • Product Groups: Dyes
  • Required Documents: None
  • Other Restrictions: None
  • Other Certificates: None
  • Product only ships to: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vatican City (Holy See)

Supplier Information

Lanxess (Business Unit Rch)

  • Köln, DE
  • ISO 9000 - Quality Management
  • ISO 14000 - Environmental management
  • ISO 50001 - Energy management
  • UN Global Compact
  • TfS - Together for Sustainability
  • Supplier T&C

Product Description


BAYSCRIPT® Cyan BA is a highly purified water-based dye solution for inkjet printing and other high quality inks. LANXESS offers a complete range of water-based BAYSCRIPT® dyes for inkjet printing. The products are suitable for use in office printers (desktop) as well as large format printers and industrial inkjet printing. Moreover, all BAYSCRIPT® colorants can be employed advantageously for high quality inks in the office supplies industry. Our BAYSCRIPT® products meet all requirements on colorants for the manufacturing of high quality inks. All BAYSCRIPT® dyes are offered as highly purified liquid formulations with high surface tension, low viscosity and excellent low-residue filtration properties. The concentration of chloride ions and other salts, particularly bivalent metal ions, is minimized to reduce printhead corrosion with printing and to allow a long shelf life of the inks. This also allows for an extended shelf life of the dye itself. BAYSCRIPT® dyes offer high intensity of color and brilliance and good solubility in solvents commonly used for the production of inkjet inks. BAYSCRIPT® dyes offer the user a coloristically comprehensive range of products to create an optimized color space for various applications.

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