• Manufacturer: LANXESS
  • Substance / CAS no.: Propylene Glycol
  • CAS: 57-55-6
  • EC Number: 200-338-0
  • REACH: 01-2119456809-23
  • IUPAC Name: Propane-1,2-diol
  • Concentration / Purity: 40%
  • Appearance: Solid
  • Molecular Formula: C3H8O2
  • Color: Not available
  • Molar Weight [g/mol]: 76.100
  • Industries: Agriculture
  • Product Groups: Other Agrochemicals
  • Required Documents: None
  • Other Restrictions: None
  • Other Certificates: None
  • Product only ships to: Not available
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Supplier Information

LANXESS Distribution GmbH

  • Leverkusen, DE
  • ISO 9000 - Quality Management
  • ISO 14000 - Environmental management
  • ISO 50001 - Energy management
  • UN Global Compact
  • TfS - Together for Sustainability
  • Supplier T&C

Product Description

Antiket-P is a dietary complementary feed for dairy cows for the reduction of the risk of ketosis/acetonaemia and for ketosis recuperation. Antiket-P contains propylene glycol (propane-1,2-diol; 1,2-propanediol) in USP quality as a glucose supplier, bound to dried chicory pulp as an organic carrier. Antiket-P is also used as a synthetic source of energy. Because of its glucoplastic property, Antiket-P supports stabilization of the glucose level in plasma. On the other hand, the plasma levels of free fatty acids and ß-hydroxybutyrate, the triglyceride concentration in the liver and the concentrations of ketone bodies such as acetone, acetaldehyde and ß-hydroxybutyrate in milk and urine are reduced. The dried chicory pulp that serves as the carrier material is, in contrast to silicates, biologically useful.

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