LDPE MFR 0,75 g Borealis FT5236

  • Manufacturer: Borealis AG
  • Substance: Polyethylene
  • CAS: 9002-88-4
  • EC Number: 618-339-3
  • IUPAC Name: Polyethylene
  • Purity: 100%
  • Appearance: Granules
  • Molecular Formula: (C2H4)n
  • Color: Colorless
  • Molar Weight [g/mol]: -

Supplier Information

Borealis AG

  • Vienna, AT
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Product Description

FT5236 is a low-density polyethylene designed for film extrusion, easily processed on conventional extruders. It contains anti-block (synthetic silica), medium slip (erucamide) and antioxidant additives. FT5236 is intended for use in applications like carrier-bag film, pouches, lamination films and food packaging.

Appearance: solid, natural colour
Odour: odourless
Melting point/range: 100 - 140 °C
Density: 0,9 - 1,0 g/cm³
Ignition temperature: > 320 °C
Water solubility: insoluble in water

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