• Manufacturer: Confidential
  • Substance / CAS no.: o-Xylol
  • CAS: 95-47-6
  • EC Number: 202-422-2
  • REACH: Not available
  • IUPAC Name: 1,2-Dimethylbenzene
  • GHS: Not available
  • Appearance: Not available
  • Molecular Formula: C8H10
  • Color: Not available
  • Molar Weight [g/mol]: -
  • Concentration / Purity: 0%

Supplier Information

Equilex Chemicals B.V.

Product Description

Equilex Chemicals is now an importer of high purity orthoxylene into the European Union. OX is extracted from mixed xylene streams and it is the key raw material in the production of phthalic anhydride. OX derivatives are used in a wide range of resins, plasticisers, medicines and dye products.

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