SCHWEGO inhibitor 6817

  • Manufacturer: Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG
  • REACH: Not available
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: Yellow

Supplier Information

Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG

Product Description

SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 is used to compensate poor preparation of
the substrate and unsatisfactory painting conditions:
· Manual derusting (residues of rust)
· Unfavourable weather conditions, e.g. damp surface
· Careless preparation of the substrate, e.g. traces of grease
· Difficulties caused by type of construction or location, e.g. rest rust
SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 converts residual rust into a stable and noncorroding
iron organic complex and provides long term protection against
corrosion. SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 ensures good penetration into the
residual rust, thus adhesion is promoted. If SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817
is used as a pre-treatment for corroded steel surface reaction time is
about 3 hours. It’s not necessary to wash the surface with water after
The effectivity of SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 is observable by a blue to
black discolouration of the substrate (see picture). After appearance of
this discolouration the new coating layer can be applied.

SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 is primarily used undiluted as a pretreatment
product against residual rust on iron and steel surfaces. SCHWEGO®
inhibitor 6817 is not a coating and therefore the treated surface must be
protected by a suitable coating system. Painting should be carried out
preferably within 48 hours after application of SCHWEGO® inhibitor
6817. Types of paints and the number of coatings needed will be
determined by the aggressiveness of the environment. SCHWEGO®
inhibitor 6817 is perfect for the restoration of all kinds of steel parts, for
instance in the industrial sector, but also for machineries, vehicles and
chemical-technical plant components. SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 shows
a very good solvent stability and is recoatable with most current coating
SCHWEGO® inhibitor 6817 is also used as a rust converting additive for
water based coating systems. Typical applications are anticorrosive
primers, one-coat anticorrosive systems and maintenance finishes.

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