Understand industry trends using Market Insights

We are offering a new service to give you unique insight into market conditions for selected chemicals.

Market Insights uses unique combination of CheMondis internal data and public market data, all validated by industry experts. 

Gain market-leading insights for better negotiations and smarter purchasing decisions

Understand how searches and demands for specific chemical products are developing over time
Collection of Data
We assemble data from various trustworthy sources, including our marketplace data, to provide you with a complete picture of current market developments.
We aggregate and analyze internal and external data on e.g. search volumes, product availabilities and prices, to compute our CheMondis Index based on our proprietary and validated algorithms.
The CheMondis Index
The CheMondis is a relative index from 0 to 100. It is a subsummation of a wide variety of market indicators representing the current market situation for selected key chemicals.
It is easy to understand and will help you to obtain better negotiation results and to make smarter purchasing decisions. The CheMondis Index is based on real-time market data and therefore is superior in quality and accuracy compare to traditional market researches.

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