Gain a unique Online Visibility
and boost your sales

Promote your brand and portfolio on Europe's leading marketplace for chemicals.

Present your company and your portfolio
For distributors, traders and manufacturers of all sizes. We have all you need to list your products and to start receiving requests.

Customizable Brand Shop

Present your company and portfolio on a dedicated storefront that provides all advantages of an own online shop.

Lead Generation Improvement

Increase the chance of receiving more leads by being visible to more than 7.000 verified buyers on CheMondis.

Search Engine Optimization

Your brand shop and products will be SEO optimized to make your portfolio visible for anyone searching for chemicals - even outside of CheMondis.

Marketplace Search Ranking Boost

Allof your products rank higher on CheMondis search results pages.

Present your company and your portfolio
Showcase your products and receive requests.

All advantages of an own online shop

The brand shop enables you to present your product portfolio and to directly receive requests.


Online visibility

We ensure that thousands of buyers will find your brand shop on CheMondis and Google.



Customize your brand shop to fit your company's corporate design.

Check out an existing Brand Shop to see how it looks like
BTC Europe Brandshop

Special Highlight

This service will reveal your brand name to everyone searching on CheMondis and visiting your product pages - including non registered guests. You will benefit, regardless if visitors come from Google or CheMondis.
Online Visibility Add-ons

Top 1 Product Search Ranking

Ensure that your selected product is ranked as number one in search results for a specific substance keyword or CAS number.


Be on top of the list with your product

Be on the first place of the search results with any selected product.


Be right where the buyers are searching

Appear where more than 7.000 buyers and hundred thousands of visitors from google are searching on CheMondis.


Increase the chance of more requests

By being on top of any fitting search result you increase the chance of receiving more requests.

Banner Advertisement

Advertise your brand shop or a specific product via a banner placed on the marketplace.


Advertise right where buyers are

The banner is placed on the search results page which drives more than 200.000 searches each month.


Increase the brand awareness of your company

Anyone searching on CheMondis will see your banner and company brand.


Increase the chance of more requests

Drive buyers to your product portfolio or to a specific product on CheMondis.

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Whats the difference between the "Top 1" and the "Banner Advertisement" Add-ons?

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