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Sales Channel
New Lead
Brand Shop
Search Engine
An Extra Sales Channel
Advertise your product portfolio to thousands of verified buyers using a marketplace in addition to your current sales channels
New Leads and Customers
Become visible to new markets and customers online to extend your business success.
Your Online Brand Shop
Get your own online shop that showcases your products and allows buyers to send requests directly to you.
Search engines visibility
We ensure that your brand and products are not just visible on CheMondis but also on search engines like Google.
Payment Services
Use CheMondis Payment Services for maximum security, speed and efficiency in your transactions.
Data Management
Digitize existing contracts
Enable buyers to order using a modern interface and ensure that all needed order information is always provided to you.
Smarter decision with data
Real time data will help you to predict the market demand supporting you in production planning and price strategy questions.
Stay available 24/7
Request, order and contract information are always accessible for your businesspartners at any time.
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For distributors, traders and manufacturers of all sizes. We have all you need to list your products and to start receiving requests.

Reach new markets and customers

Showcase your products to more than 7.000 verified buyers at once and increase your online visibility.


Increase your online sales

Provide your product information, receive requests from trusted business partners and conduct orders all in one place.


Maximum security for your order and delivery

See your new buyer’s payment in a dedicated account before shipping your products. Receive payment immediately after your buyer has received your order and released the payment.

Basic Suppliers
Premium Services Suppliers
Outperform others with our premium services
Gain a unique and global visibility, increase your business efficiency and use our analytics to better understand the market and your leads.

Online Visibility

Promote your brand and portfolio on a dedicated storefront that provides all advantages of an own online shop.


Advanced Analytics

Have full visibility on your CheMondis performance & identify new opportunities.

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    Upload your Products
    Add your products one by one or easily upload a list of your offerings at once using our bulk upload functionality.
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    Define your requirements
    Specify your conditions like quantities, packaging and Incoterms to receive the right requests.
  • 3
    Receive and evaluate your quotes
    Thousands of verified buyers will find your products and will directly send you quote or sample requests.
  • 4
    Negotiate your terms
    Negotiate prices, quantities and delivery terms to conduct the best online sales orders.
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