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Discover the new way of digital distribution of your products. Upload your products for free on CheMondis and receive quotes and orders from a large range of verified buyers.

Reach more than 5.000 verified buyers on CheMondis

Expand your sales capabilities and online visibility
For small and large chemical suppliers
CheMondis hosts thousands of products from businesses of all sizes. So whether you are a large manufacturer or a family-own distributor, we welcome you!
List unlimited products on CheMondis
Upload unlimited product listings with our bulk upload. Display your product descriptions and information to different verified buyers at once.
Create your own brand shop and start selling
Showcase your products to buyers with your own brand shop on CheMondis. Boost your online visibility and grow long-term relationships with buyers who are waiting to trade today!

We offer powerful features for Suppliers

Start uploading your products today and sell them directly to buyers.
Long-term Agreements
Negotiate new long-term conditions that can be called of in partial quantities or move your existing contracts to CheMondis.
Direct Communication
Make your product information accessible to all buyers at once. Then individually negotiate terms and prices.
Document Management
Maintain an overview of all transactions and related documentation in your secure personal space on CheMondis.
Wide range of trusted Buyers
Our portfolio is uniquely compose of certified Buyers and companies registered under European legislation.
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Premium Services

Increase your business success using our Premium Services. Find out more about the services in the fields of Data & Analytics, Efficiency and Marketing & Sales.
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Create your own brand shop and increase your online visibility

Expand your sales capabilities.
Like hundreds of suppliers, register today and create your own online shop on CheMondis. Within a few clicks, you will be able to advertise your products through our marketplace. Share the link to your customized Brand Shop with your customers.

Automate Order Creation and Response with the CheMondis ERP connection

Save time and money with the CheMondis ERP connection
Connect your ERP system with CheMondis and get orders directly in your ERP system. Order responses are automatically forwarded from your system. This makes sales order processing faster, easier, and more efficient.

The connection is provided by our partner Elemica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers from the CheMondis Team

Why selling on the CheMondis marketplace and not through an online shop?

On a marketplace such as CheMondis you can offer your product portfolio to a wide range of new buyers without the need of developing an own online shop or expanding your marketing efforts for an existing online shop.

Is CheMondis free of charge?

Yes, the registration and use of the CheMondis marketplace are free of charge for you as a supplier. This includes creating your account, listing and selling your products on our marketplace.

However, at some point in the future, we may start charging fees for some features and services on CheMondis. At this point you will be able to decide if you further want to use those services.

How does CheMondis ensure data security? Will prices be displayed?

CheMondis is taking data security, trust, and confidentiality very seriously.

Our software code follows state-of-the-art IT security standards and we store all personal and company data on a secure cloud infrastructure located in the European Union, which is exclusively operated by CheMondis.

Information about your activity on the marketplace, such as prices, negotiations and orders will be exclusively available to you and the party you are directly doing business with. CheMondis will not share this information with any other party.

Can only professional chemical companies register on CheMondis?

CheMondis only is available for professional chemical businesses: Buyers and Suppliers.

To assure a high quality of all market participants, we verify that each newly registered company has a legitimate interest in either supplying or buying chemical products. In addition, we ensure that companies are not blacklisted, and we check information such as addresses and tax numbers.

We do welcome any international company that complies with European and International regulations.

Can I register as both: Buyer and Supplier?

Yes, your company can use CheMondis to buy and sell chemical products.

Please note that in order to comply with EU anti-trust regulation, two separate user accounts are required: one buyer account and one supplier account.

These accounts must be assigned to different people and different e-mail addresses within your organization.

How can I get started?

Firstly, you need to register your company account on CheMondis. Then you can also invite colleagues.

Secondly, you list your first products. Only the product name is required but we recommend giving as much information as possible to increase the chance to be found by new buyers.

Thirdly, you negotiate the requests you receive. Every information you share doing this phase, such as prices, will only be available to the company you are directly negotiating with.

That's it. Start now.

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