We are CheMondis.

Our Story

There's no blueprint. Our journey started with the idea to develop an entirely new business model for the chemical industry and to rethink traditional sales and marketing.

CheMondis was founded in mid-2018 and has successfully launched its open beta version of the marketplace just a few months later.

We combine chemical expertise with outstanding technological know-how. This combination makes us unique.

Our Location

At the heart of Cologne.

We are located in the center of Cologne - famously known for its open-minded, easy going and humorous culture.

Cologne is becoming the startup center of Germany’s West with a growing ecosystem of developers, data scientists, tech evangelists and corporate partners.

Our Vision

We connect the world's chemical companies. We make them successful. CheMondis is where chemical business happens.

Our Mission

We are building the trusted online marketplace that empowers chemical companies globally to foster relationships and drive business growth.

Our Values

Our core values are reflected in everything we do. Each one reminds us to stay true to ourselves, shape our team DNA while driving best solutions for our customers.

Our Vision

We connect the world's chemical companies. We make them successful. CheMondis is where chemical business happens.

For us, nothing less than excellence will do. We are building the leading B2B online marketplace for chemicals. To achieve this, we pull out all the stops every day to deliver maximum value to our customers. and stellar results for our business. In driving for excellence, we don‘t mean perfection but the best solve with the biggest impact and the least amount of effort. We iterate at warp speed and failing is fine, provided we fail fast and learn from each experience how to do it better tomorrow.

We love what we do and are driven by passion. Passion for disrupting trade in the global economy‘s third largest industry, passion for delivering more value to our customers every day. And we are driven by the exhilaration of achieving our highly ambitious goals as one team. Our passion celebrates the wins and lets us see setbacks as learning opportunities that only spur us on.

We seek truth and practice honesty. As a team, we are honest with the feedback we give to one another to help each other, our customers and our business to win. We do not gloss over unpleasant truth but embrace it as insight to fuel our passion for excellence and results. We are data-driven and base our decision making on it. We live root-cause honesty and strive to always interpret data accurately to help us identify where we can get better.

We dream big. We dare to challenge the status quo and relish each opportunity to grow beyond what we think we can do. We are on a mission to build CheMondis into a global B2B tech champion.To achieve this, we regularly take calculated risks. At CheMondis, every team member is a go-getter who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur. „Fortune sides with those who dare“, wrote Virgil. We agree.

We are kind and proud of our culture of integrity, caring and respect, in which every team member can bring their authentic self to work to excel. We are an international, multi-lingual team and we embrace diversity and go the extra mile to make sure every team member lands happily in our midst. We are as passionate about having fun as we are about achieving results. We greet everyone with advance trust, rooted in the conviction that people are basically good and want the best.

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