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CheMondis connects Buyers and Suppliers of chemicals, providing a user-friendly sourcing experience

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CheMondis' Service Approach

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Your success on our platform is our top priority. Therefore, we make sure to onboard you about the most essential features and dos and don'ts on the platform.

Webinars & Product Tours

With our learning offering, we ensure you are always up to date with our latest features and improvements.

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Automated Sourcing

Stay automatically up to date about new Suppliers for the products you are looking for or as soon as they are back in stock – simply by using our Saved Searches function.

Opportunities & Special Deals

Use the most extensive board in the chemical industry to place your instant or regular inquiries or benefit from Special Deals our Suppliers list on the board.

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Help center

In our Help Center you can quickly and easily help yourself. There you will find answers to most of your questions and even click instructions or videos.

Hotline, Chat & Mail

You want us to help you with something specific? No problem! You can always reach us on weekdays via hotline, mail, or chat, whichever way you prefer.

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Are you seeking popular chemical substances that are in high demand on the market? Take a look at the following list and identify suitable Suppliers that match your requirements.

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4 steps to your first business success

1. Sign up

After your sign up, your company will be checked by us and verified by us. Afterwards we invite you to our onboarding ensuring you know about the most important features as well as dos and don'ts on the platform.

2. Search

Next to a precise search for substances, you can save searches to be informed about new Suppliers for your search on the platform or getting notified once a substance is back in stock.

3. Request

Instead of sending one on one requests, CheMondis offers you the chance to send one request to a bunch of Suppliers at once.

4. Compare Prices

You can compare and analyze different offers by one click to get the best deal for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a marketplace?

On a marketplace, you can find and request products, including product information from multiple Suppliers at once without the need to search and register on several platforms or online shops. Find all Suppliers, all products and better prices.

Is CheMondis free of charge?

Buying chemicals: Yes, the usage of CheMondis is free: Create your account and then start searching and requesting chemical products at no cost and no risks. Register now and try it out.

Selling chemicals: When registering on CheMondis you automatically start your 30 days trial. You can use this time to test CheMondis and see how it benefits your business. Afterwards, you can decide if you want to join our membership and continue using CheMondis. The monthly membership fee (12-months contract) is based on the size of your company. You can find more information here .

Can only professional chemical companies register on CheMondis?

CheMondis only is available for professional chemical businesses: Buyers and Suppliers.

To assure a high quality of all market participants, we verify that each newly registered company has a legitimate interest in either supplying or buying chemical products. In addition, we ensure that companies are not blacklisted, and we check information such as addresses and tax numbers.

We do welcome any international company that complies with European and International regulations.

Can I register as both: Buyer and Supplier?

Yes, your company can use CheMondis to buy and sell chemical products.

Please note that in order to comply with EU anti-trust regulation, two separate user accounts are required: one Buyer account and one Supplier account.

These accounts must be assigned to different people and different e-mail addresses within your organization.

Can Buyers request samples or customized products through CheMondis?

Yes, Buyers have the option to request samples or inquire about customized products directly through the CheMondis platform. Our Suppliers are responsive to such requests and strive to meet the specific needs of each Buyer.

Can Buyers request quotations or negotiate prices with Suppliers on CheMondis?

Yes, Buyers have the flexibility to request quotations or negotiate prices directly with Suppliers on CheMondis. Our platform enables transparent communication between Buyers and Suppliers, empowering both parties to discuss terms and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

What types of products are available on CheMondis?

CheMondis offers a wide range of chemical raw materials, including commodities, solvents, polymers, additives, and specialty chemicals. Our platform features products from trusted Suppliers, ensuring quality and reliability.

Can I get assistance with product selection or technical specifications from CheMondis?

Yes, CheMondis offers support to Buyers with product selection and technical specifications. Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about products listed on our platform, helping you find the right solutions for your specific requirements.

How can I search for specific products on CheMondis?

You can easily search for products on CheMondis using our intuitive search bar. Simply enter the name or type of product you're looking for, and our platform will display relevant listings. Additionally, you can use filters to narrow down your search by Supplier, price range, or product specifications.

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