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CheMondis has helped Rebain to expand customer base in Europe by secured new customers through our user-friendly interface and robust features!

Rebain International (España) S.L.
Barcelona, Spain

Rebain International is a customer driven chemical raw material Supplier. Since the start in 1998 in a small office in Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand our company has grown to encompass a presence in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and West Africa.

Rebain International (España), S.L., is located in the Mediterranean gateway of Barcelona, and since its establishment in 2000, we operate with high commitment towards all our business partners.

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The initial situation:

What were the hurdles you were facing in the chemical procurement process before diving into the CheMondis world?

Well we obviously being around for more than 25 years, we get a lot of inquiries also via our website as well as other platforms, but CheMondis helps us to target our customer base better!!! It's a great addition to our existing tools.

The goal:

What was the goal to use CheMondis?

We chose CheMondis to expand our customer base in Europe. With its comprehensive platform, we aimed to efficiently connect with new Buyers, showcase our offerings, and build lasting relationships.

The solution:

How did CheMondis help? Any specific "a-ha" moments or cool wins courtesy of CheMondis?

While we're still refining our approach, we've already secured new customers thanks to the platform. Its user-friendly interface and robust features have enabled us to effectively publish our products and build trust with potential buyers. We're excited about the growth opportunities CheMondis offers as we continue to optimize our sales strategy.

"Yes, we use other channels, but the customer service is better at CheMondis."

– René van Baardewijk, Managing Director of Rebain International (España) S.L.

Interview with René van Baardewijk

Could you please introduce yourself and your role in your company in a few sentences?

My Name is René van Baardewijk and I'm the founder of Rebain International group and the Managing Director of Rebain International (España) SL, based in Barcelona, Spain.

What was the goal to use CheMondis?

To increase our customer base especially on the European continent!

How did CheMondis help? Any specific "a-ha" moments or cool wins courtesy of CheMondis?

We are still learning to improve our exposure and how to make the best use of CheMondis as a sales tool, we did get a few new customers because of it!

Can you share your experience as a Supplier on CheMondis? How did you initially discover the marketplace?

There are quite a few platforms out there nowadays, the website of CheMondis is constantly improving!!!

How did CheMondis services meet or exceed your expectations? Can you provide examples of how it made a positive impact on your business?

I believe that as in many ways, the output will be as good as the input you put into it. In the beginning we had a too much wait and see reaction, now we are much more proactive and checking the site on a daily basis!!

I've discovered that the more effort we invest, the better our outcomes. We started off with a 'wait and see' approach, but now we're actively engaged, checking the site daily. The change has been truly impressive!

I've come to realize that the quality of our results directly correlates with the effort we invest. Initially, we adopted a passive approach, but now, we've embraced a proactive mindset, diligently monitoring the site every day. The transformation has been remarkable!

In what ways did CheMondis demonstrate exceptional support and assistance throughout your membership on CheMondis?

We have had regular calls and emails from the CheMondis staff in our own language (Spanish) and we feel we are being looked after well!!

What improvements or benefits have you observed in your operations on CheMondis?

The website has improved and allows for more direct interaction with the customer which I believe is important!! Of course the majority of the customers are mostly based inGermany/Benelux/eastern Europe, our main markets are Iberia, Latin America and Africa, we would like to see CheMondis grow more in those areas.

I'm thrilled to see the significant improvements on our website, enabling more direct engagement with our customers, which I consider crucial! While our primary markets lie in Iberia, Latin America, and Africa, it's exciting to envision CheMondis expanding its presence in these regions. The journey towards growth is truly inspiring!

The website enhancements have been fantastic, fostering better customer interaction, which I find incredibly valuable! While our main markets are in Iberia, Latin America, and Africa, I'm eager to see CheMondis flourish even more in these regions. The potential for expansion is truly exciting!

How would you summarize the overall value that CheMondis brought to your business? Why would you recommend CheMondis?

The value is as good as the time you spent on it, you really need to make time to shift through the various inquiries to check what is applicable for you!!

Do you certainly use other digital sales channels, besides CheMondis? What would you say makes the difference at CheMondis (if you see any)?

Yes, we use other channels, but the customer service is better at CheMondis.

Why would you recommend CheMondis?


René van Baardewijk
Managing Director of Rebain International (España) S.L.

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